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Family Dentist

Family Dentists in Virginia Beach

Avoid several appointments at different offices when your entire family can get dental care at one location. The family dentists at our compassionate dental practice can provide dental care for everyone in your family. From toddlers to grandparents, we can address all of your dental concerns with the proper care and treatment.

A visit to our family dental care practice is relaxed and comfortable. We will show your children that the dentist's office is a friendly place and nothing to be afraid of. At the same time, our family dentists also work with many parents and senior citizens. Consistent care and preventative maintenance is critical to obtain complete oral health for everyone. No matter the issue, our goal is to restore smiles to their strong, white beauty. Show your children the importance of lifelong dental care with our reputable family dentists.

Family Dental Care For Every Need

Dental care with a professional starts at the age of three years old. Our children's dentist shows toddlers how to properly brush their teeth and helps them to feel comfortable at the dentist's office. We have helped countless children form a positive view of visiting this office to have regular preventative appointments. Schedule any of the following services at our family dentist's office:

Dental Implants  
Crowns & Bridges
• Dental Sealants
Cosmetic Dentistry
• Filings
Root Canals
• Annual/Biannual Cleanings
• Fluoride treatment
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Experienced & Gentle Children's Dentist

When your child is young, the greatest area of potential concern is getting a cavity. Starting at three years old, your child can begin to develop the right oral health routines to last him or her a lifetime. They can learn how to brush and floss on their baby teeth even before their adult teeth grow in.
Scheduling regular appointments in which we go over the basics of preventative dental care will teach your child to be concerned about preventing future areas of concern. The ultimate goal of our children's dentist is to teach young patients about prevention and maintenance.

Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities & Bacteria

To protect both adult and children’s teeth, we provide fluoride treatments to toughen tooth enamel against decay. Our family dentists also apply tooth-colored dental sealants to your child's molars. Made of resin, they prevent bacteria from growing in hard-to-reach, uneven places on the back teeth. The teeth in the back of the mouth are susceptible to decay because they are hard to reach with toothbrush bristles.

Dental Sealants are most commonly used in children and teenagers, but our dentists will apply them to adult teeth if necessary. Regular cleanings and preventative appointments keep them intact so they fulfill their purpose of acting as a barrier. 

Preventive Dental Care for Adults and Children

Make regular dental appointments for everyone in your family to promote good oral hygiene. We offer all of the following services for every member of the family:

• Visual assessment of the teeth
• X-Rays to reveal potential problems
• Annual cleanings
• Gum cleaning and assessment
• Cavity assessment to monitor growth and development
• Filings to prevent gum and jaw infections
• Tooth growth assessment for young patients
• Teaching proper brushing techniques for all patients

Teeth Whitening for All Ages

Do not be embarrassed to show off your pearly whites. If your teeth are not as bright as they used to be, visit our family dentists for teeth whitening. Although many products on the market claim to do the job, it is safer for your teeth and gums to come to our office. We use strong teeth whiteners with buffers that protect your gums. In addition, professional treatments brighten much more effectively than store-bought products.

Contact us today to schedule appointments with our family dentists in Virginia Beach. Our office welcomes patients who have no insurance. We proudly serve Virginia Beach, Pungo, Oceana, Sandbridge, Red Mill, Strawbridge and Court House, Virginia.